Coveside Spring Welcome

Finally somewhat recouperated from the Coveside Spring Welcome Show. First show for me off island in a year. Was very good to see everyone again after so long. Lots of laughs were had.

The weather made it very hard to get the perfect photo. Lighting changed by the second in some cases. On top of that, open card rounds made it very tricky to keep track of who was in doing what class. As well, there were 3 rings going at the same time, so there was a lot of rounds I simply could not get.

Thankfully Emma Dain Photography and Faith Cox Photography were also on site and provided good coverage at the other rings while I was stuck in Hunterland.

All of that being said, the photos I took are now online on the website. Please take a look, and if you don’t see your round there, perhaps look at one of the other classes that may have been running around that time. It may have gotten mis-sorted due to the open card rounds that were going on.

The lighting and framing on some of the photos are not perfect. Any purchases will be reviewed, and any corrections to the photo needed will be emailed separately to you. I simply did not have time to review and correct the 5200 photos taken in those 3 days.

Thank you to everyone who supports me by purchasing photos. It makes it possible to attend more shows off island and hopefully create some memories for you.

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