Coveside Classic 2018



2 Foot 6 Hunter Stake
Adult Amateur Handy Hunter
Adult Amateur Hunter OF
Adult Amateur Hunter US
Baby Green Hunter OF
Baby Green Hunter US
Children’s Hunter OF
Children’s Handy Hunter
Children’s Hunter US
Combined Hunter US
Horse Hack
Hunter Classic
Jumper Nations Cup
Junior Amateur Hunter OF
Junior Amateur Handy Hunter
Junior Amateur Hunter US
Large Pony Hunter OF
Large Pony Handy Hunter
Low Modified Hunter
Medium Pony Hunter OF
Medium Pony Handy Hunter
Modified Child/Adult Hunter OF
Modified Child/Adult Hunter US
NSHJA Huntseat Equitation
NSHJA Pony Medal
Performance/Combined Hunter OF
Pleasure Pony
Pony Hunter Stake
Short Stirrup Hunter
Small Pony Handy Hunter
Walk Trot
Walk Trot Canter


0.8m Jumper Mini Prix
0.8m Jumper Speed
0.9m Jumper Welcome
0.9m Jumper Mini Prix
1.0m Jumper Welcome
1.0m Jumper Mini Prix
1.10m Jumper Welcome
1.10m Jumper Speed
1.10m Jumper Mini Prix
1.15m Jumper Welcome
1.15m Jumper Mini Prix
1.2m/1.3m Jumper Welcome
1.2m/1.3m Jumper Speed
1.25m Jumper Grand Prix


Stall Decorating