Aerial Photography/Videography

What does “RPAS” mean?

RPAS stands for Remotely Piloted Aircraft System. It is more commonly known as a “Drone”. RPAS systems can take many shapes and sizes, the most common type is the quadcopter.

What is a “Flight Reviewer”?

In order to fly a drone weighing over 250 grams in Canada, you need a license from Transport Canada. Most recreational drone pilots obtain their “Basic” license. This covers the basics of drone operation and safety aspects. For pilots who wish to do more complicated things, such as flying in controlled air space, they need to obtain an “Advanced” license from Transport Canada. This license requires a much more in-depth knowledge of drones and aviation in general. The process consists of writing an on-line test and taking a Flight Review, which is overseen by a Flight Reviewer.  A Flight Reviewer is certified by Transport Canada and affiliated with an institution which provides drone course material for teaching. The Flight Reviewer tests the applicants knowledge and evaluates their ability to fly their RPAS. If the candidate passes this “Review”, they are then eligible to obtain their Advanced License from Transport Canada.

Can you fly anywhere to get photos or video?

Not exactly anywhere. While Horsepower Photography is an Advanced Certificate Certified RPAS operator with Transport Canada, there are still regulations that must be followed while flying (max. height limit for example). Because of our Advanced rating, however, we are able to fly in places that most other people can not.  (with the proper approvals and paperwork of course!)

How do I receive my photos or video?

You will be provided a download link to access your video or photos once completed. (DVD option available).

Can I change something in the video you created for me if I do not like it?

The purchase of a video from Horsepower Photography includes 1 hour of production time. You can use any balance of that time to request changes to the finished product. Anything above that 1 hour is charged out at the rate listed on the pricing page.

Can I hire you to go and fly over an event or someone else’s property to get footage or photos?

Flying over an event is a special circumstance and requires special approval (additional fees may apply). This approval may take over a week to obtain, so please schedule accordingly. Any flights that involve property or land you do not own, requires express written permission from the land owner or event organizer.

Can I use my photos or video any way I wish once I purchase?

There are no restrictions on what you do with your photos or videos once purchased.

Can I fly your drone?

No.  🙂