Flight Review

I have passed my Advanced test from Transport Canada and I am now ready for a flight review. How do I book my flight review?

You can book your flight review with Volatus Aerospace by following this link. Please be sure to select “PE-Slemon Park” as your location to have your Flight Review performed on PEI.

Do I need to attend/take a course through a drone school to get my Advanced RPAS License?

While it is not necessary, it is highly recommended to take a ground school course from a recognized RPAS training facility. They will ensure you are well equipped and prepared for your Advanced Test and Flight Review.

Where do you conduct the Flight Reviews?

On P.E.I., flight reviews are done in Summerside at Slemon Park and just outside of Charlottetown in Cherry Valley.

If I fail my flight review, what are the next steps?

If you unfortunately fail your flight review, you must re-book your flight review through Volatus. You will need to pay for another review before it will be booked.  (24 hours must have elapsed).

Can you give me any advice about my flight review preparation?

See Transport Canada’s official requirements for Flight Reviews. YouTuber Don Joyce also has an informational video about Flight Reviews.

What happens once I pass my Flight Review?

Once you have successfully completed your Flight Review, your Flight Reviewer will input the results of your review into the Transport Canada Drone Portal (within 24 hours). At that time, you will receive an email informing you of your successful test and upon paying an additional license fee to Transport Canada (via the drone portal), you will receive your Advanced RPAS Certificate.